Lunch at EVOO is awesome! It’s top quality local ingredients prepared creatively at a reasonable price. One of the many things that sets us apart from other restaurants is that damn near everything is made here in the restaurant. Many restaurants would claim the same thing, don’t believe them. An example of what we do is if we are running a ham sandwich- We bought the whole pig cured the hams for up to two weeks. Smoked them in our smoker for 12 hours. Made the bread. Made the mustard. Got pickling cucumbers from a local farm during the height of the season, pickled them to serve through out the year. If you ordered fries with your sandwich we cut the fries (depending on the season if we used local potatoes), soaked them overnight, blanched them ahead of time, fried them to order, tossed them with salt, pepper and depending on the time of the year with either locally grown savory of thyme. With all that would be our own tangy ketchup. If that is not a labor of love (and a freaking awesome sandwich) I don’t know what is.


Our lunch sous chef Mark and his staff do a great job at consistently preparing these great ingredients in a timely manner. We have put a lot of effort into making sure our customers are able have lunch without stressing about time.

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