Hali has gone. Peter is writing the blog.

Hali Morrison our longtime cook and blogger has left (a while ago, I am just slow to pick up where she left off). She started the blog while attending Endicott College as a writing major. I plan on keeping it going and helping you stay informed with the happenings of EVOO.


Recently we received half of a cow from Barry Gross of Round the Bend farm in South Dartmouth, MA. Becky, our name for the cow not Barry’s, has been kind enough to offer us with many delicious items. Including braised cow filled fried baked potato, beef empanadas, oxtail springrolls, pickled tongue, kielbasa (pictured) and of course steaks.kielbasaOn Friday we will be receiving a mangalitsa pig from Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds in Concord MA. Mangalitsas are known for their beautiful fat. This will be our third one, so I can attest to that. The fat is amazing, thick, silky smooth and sweet. We will use the pig (to be named later) for many things; chops, lomo, chorizo, braised belly, pig’s skin risotto, rillettes and lardo are just a few of the items we plan on producing.


If you haven’t figured it out yet it is Peter the chef and co-owner now writing the blog. I will most likely write many short posts, when a new dish or ingredient is available. I will try to keep you posted on upcoming events etc. If you have comments please don’t hesitate to post them.

One comment on “Hali has gone. Peter is writing the blog.

  1. Terri Morrison says:

    Sounds great Pete! We’ll look forward to visiting again soon and enjoying a wonderful meal from your kitchen.

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