New menu updates

This year for restaurant week, we completely changed our menu. Menu items used to be described with notes on which farm each ingredient in the dish came from. Now we’ve listed the produce we get from each farm on the right hand side of the page, making descriptions of dishes more succinct and clear.

We also shortened the menu significantly, allowing us to produce the best quality product possible. Some of the staple dishes from our old menu are gone; there is no more garlic-studded filet mignon, trio of spring rolls, or fried oyster dish.

Our new beef dish is a sirloin steak rubbed in dried coriander and black pepper and then grilled, served with disks of duck fat fried potatoes (really, why settle for vegetable oil when you can fry things in duck fat?), and a salad of tomatoes and arugula tossed in creamy buttermilk dressing. The salad is finished with a sprinkling of Great Hill bleu cheese- a perfect compliment to the tomatoes. Although it still has the belly-warming appeal of “steak and potatoes”, the new dish is more adventurous, and of course, unbelievably delicious.

We changed our chicken dish again this week as well. Though the base is still a roast chicken breast, the garlic chive-potato croquette has been replaced with a crispy fried polenta dumpling. The chicken sits atop a bed of sauteed shaved brussels sprouts, and the dish is topped with butter-wilted honey mushrooms.

These are only two of the newer dishes that we’re offering this week, but rest assured they are not the only ones, and there will be more in the future. Fall is coming, so we’re working hard at pickling and jarring some of our summer produce so that we’ll be able to have it throughout the fall and winter. Get excited for homemade apple butter!

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