Chefs Collaborative Cookbook


I know I keep barking up the same tree…sustainable this, sustainable that, blah blah blah.  You may think that you have heard enough already, but I don’t.   So, I am climbing up on my soap box once again to tell you about The Chefs Collaborative Cookbook.

The Chefs Collaborative is a nonprofit network of chefs, food professionals and tree huggers who have been bringing chefs and farmers together since 1993.  If you want the full story of who they are and what they do go to their website    I am posting now to tell you about the awesome book that they have produced.


I supplied a recipe for the book, which is why they sent me copy.  I have have had recipes in books a number of times and it’s always pretty cool.  But when I picked up their book and started thumbing through it seeing all of the great insightful recipes, I couldn’t put it down.  There is a tremendous amount of information in this book; why organic is better, why organic costs more, how to buy sustainable seafood, what’s the difference between grass fed, grain fed and pastured beef. It answers all these questions and a lot more.

Not only are we going to use this book for it’s great recipes, it will also be a great recourse for us.

The book has a $40 cover price.  However if you go through their website (link above) you can get it from for only $22.

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