Our Mission

I have often contemplated what our mission is.  The first couple of years it was simple- whatever it takes; 100 hour weeks, no vacation, no pay… just keep your head down and keep going, hopefully everything will work out.  fortunately it did.  Some good reviews and a lot of regular customers made it so I could put more meaning into my work.  The obvious mission is- cook great food in a comfortable setting without any pretense.   For a number of years I have had a good feel for what our mission was, I just couldn’t summarize it into a concise sentence.

Kendall Red Line

We have always been environmentally conscious; recycling, composting, building-out our current EVOO location to meet LEED gold certification etc.  Since our opening we have purchased from local farms.  All of the livestock we serve is humanely raised and local.   We make every effort to only serve sustainable seafood, serve only local beer, source as many top quality organic  / bio-dynamic wines as possible.  You can get some amazing ingredients year round from all over the globe.  However, we choose to get the most from our local producers as possible.  We make pickles and preserves throughout the summer to aid us in extending the local season annually.  I’m sure your getting the point, we try to do things right.


So it finally came to me- a summarized sentence of what our mission is:

To be a sustainable member of our community.

That’s it. To endure, even give back to our community with as little impact on the environment as possible.

One comment on “Our Mission

  1. It’s hard to call a restaurant sustainable, but you do a fine job and are much-appreciated by the community.

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