So once again, our menu has almost completely changed since my last update.

Our salad has changed to reflect the season, and now has a base of roasted root vegetables- carrots, celery root, parsnips, and onions. On top of that is lettuce dressed in a curried buttermilk dressing, and the whole dish is finished with dried fruit and toasted hazelnuts. I never thought I’d say that a salad looked festive, but the dried cranberries and apricots give the salad a really gorgeous aesthetic.

The clam starter has also changed, and it’s one that I really enjoy plating. Flavors somewhat reminiscent of Paella, the clams are steamed in a white wine saffron broth, and served with saffron rice, roasted red peppers, chicken sausage, onions, garlic, and cilantro. The colors are bold and bright, and the scent of the dish is enough to tempt anyone it reaches.

We are serving a new ravioli starter as well- homemade ravioli filled with mozzarella and potato, served with a ragout of braised rabbit and carrots.

Then of course since we got another pig, the head cheese terrine is back, served with wild watercress, pickled cauliflower, and a mustard cream.

The pig’s contribution to our main courses can be found in the best stuffed pepper you could imagine: A poblano chili stuffed with adobo-braised pig, and then batter fried. It is served with cumin-scented toasted rice, black beans, cilantro, sour cream, and pickled jalapenos.

Our chicken dish has changed, and is now served with a creamy ricotta polenta, spinach, wild oyster mushrooms, and a garlicky chicken jus.

Of all of the new dishes on the menu, my favorite is the haddock. It is a filet of Maine haddock baked with a Thai red curry sauce, potatoes, squash, and fresh herbs (Thai basil, mint, and cilantro), and topped with a salad of wild watercress, herbs, and toasted peanuts. The flavors are bright and exciting, and I think the dish is a lovely addition to the menu.

The sirloin on the menu is once again served with sour cream whipped potatoes (why stop at butter and cream when you can add sour cream and make it that much more delicious?), roasted cauliflower, toasted pistachios, and a salad of capers, parsley, olives, and pickled peppers. The steak is then finished with a smoky Hollandaise sauce. I personally feel that Hollandaise sauce is one of the most beautiful and perfect creations on the planet, so I’m a sucker for this dish as well.

The last new dish on the dinner menu that I’ll mention is the braised lamb. I think that braising any meat makes it a thousand times more delicious. The dish is a ragu of red wine braised lamb, topped with crepes filled with a mixture of sunchoke and potato, and then finished with a salad of Persian cucumbers, red onion, and a minted yogurt dressing. It may once again be my personal preference and love of cucumbers, but I find the salad particularly hard to resist.

I will update again soon (I promise!) with updates on our lunch menu, and of course our sweet sweet desserts.

One comment on “Updates

  1. Brian says:

    my mouth is watering. If the food is half as good as your mouth watering descriptions than I’m in for a treat, I can’t wait for my next dinner at evoo!

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