New Starters

Our menu has nearly completely changed since my last update, so I hope to get everyone caught up as much as possible with this post.

I’ll begin with the starters:

The first of the new starters I’ll mention is the Pierogi. Stuffed with Hubbard squash and served with duck confit, spinach, and pea greens in a sherry ginger sauce, I find the plate particularly visually appealing. Watching Russell, one of our line cooks prep and plate the dish will assure anyone watching that there is no lack of love in it.

Our soup has changed from a butternut corn chowder to a butternut squash and apple soup, which is topped with smoked goat cheese, toasted walnuts, apples, and fried sage.

Our version of ham and cheese can be found in our breaded, fried ham and cheese croquettes. These are served on top of a cauliflower puree which is drizzled in a parsley puree, and the dish is topped with an orange gremolata.

Last on my list of new starters for the day is a nest of roasted spaghetti squash (if you’ve never seen spaghetti squash before, it’s a squash that naturally takes on a spaghetti-like form when cooked and forked out of its skin. Served with white cap mushrooms, a quenelle of cloumage cheese, caramelized lamb bacon, and a poached egg.

In addition to these starters we also have a slew of new main courses, which will be the focus of my next post.

A few weeks ago, our head chef Peter had surgery on his knee and as a result has been out of commission. Recently he has been coming in to the restaurant to expedite to the best of his ability, and most recently and excitingly we got another pig, which he has been working on butchering for yet another installment of new pork dishes. Everyone at the restaurant is glad to have him back, and despite the setback he has not lost any of his enthusiasm for his work.

Coming up will be the rest of the main courses, new dishes from the pig that we just got, updates on what we’re pickling and jarring for the winter, and more general updates from behind the line at the restaurant.

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